The Greater Washington Board of Trade represents and convenes businesses across the region in collaboration with all the relevant entities. Our strength has increased, our advocacy has advanced and results demonstrate real value to members and the community.

Your membership and involvement make all of this happen. Through it, we have:

  • Prepared employees for Metro’s SafeTrack with extensive documents and resource materials.
  • Coordinated important research and consistent lobbying to balance the non-stop push for leave legislation in the District because it has significant regional implications.
  • Partnered with the Council of Governments to identify export opportunities for Greater Washington companies and determine how to attract more international commerce to diversify the regional economy.

The Board of Trade is clear on the priorities of connecting this region; making smarter use of existing infrastructure; and creating ways to use the vast regional resources in ways that improve quality of life.

Through your membership we are able to create programs that provide actionable guidance to improve your business. Innovative programs such as the Outlook Conference and our collaboration with other Chambers annually brings together the two Governors and the Mayor for our Capital Region Business Forum.

When opportunities are in their nascent stage, the Board of Trade presents them to you, even when we need to conduct studies or research to get things rolling. Your annual dues make this happen. We are content-rich and constantly innovating to refine our offerings in line with your needs.

2017 is a critical year throughout Greater Washington. The Board of Trade will be right there for you through it all, ensuring that the challenges are minimized and the opportunities are clear.








For further information on membership opportunities, contact our Director of Membership, Julie Dychkewich or 202.857.5960.


Interested in learning more about Board of Trade member benefits? Contact Lisa Sanders at 202.857.5942.